Burn Calories While You Sleep! Strength Training After Losing Weight

It is important to utilize your muscles and get them to work with you to get rid of all the fat. Do you want your body to burn calories even while you are sleeping? Or sitting and watching TV you can do this one you start training your muscles. This can only be achieved in a certain pattern.

If you have excess body fat and your BMI is higher than a 28, then you need to indulge in cardiovascular exercises more then strength training. Try to get rid of all the fat, by doing the treadmill, elliptical, rowing, stepper, jogging, cycling or swimming. The cardiovascular will work to strengthen your body’s most integral muscle your HEART. When your heart starts beating faster, and becomes more healthier you will be losing more fat. Once you have lost all the fat, then you can start working on your muscles.

A strength training workout should be done on non consecutive days. You can use the weights at your gym, but in the earlier days concentrate more on the repetitions and the weight should not exceed more then ten kgs. People usually feel discouraged once starting weight training, that they see a smaller drop in pounds. This is only because “muscle weighs more then fat”, and it is hard to get rid of muscle weight. Once you start building more muscle which is good for your body in the long run, you see a stability in the weight loss, but a greater weight loss in fat. You lose weight in inches which is the main goal for the losing weight process.

When you look leaner nobody cares how much you weigh on the scale. If you do not have any fat to get rid of, but you still have saggy arms, thighs, butt, sides, then toning with weight is the best option for you. You do not have to join a gym to tone, you can buy dumb bells and workout at your own time at your house. You can always get the exercises from the cd or online.



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